Areas of Expertise
Areas of Expertise

Real Estate

Here at BTLAW:

The firm has the necessary competence and experience to act in the most complex operations of the real estate market. This includes developments in the areas of environmental, registry, notarial and urban law, and is ready to provide clients with specialized legal advice throughout the development process of the real estate business. By adding a business vision to the process, the firm performs assertive deliveries, focused on results for the client, always innovating.

The services in the Real Estate Business area, encompass:

  • Advice on the acquisition of urban and rural real estate and area formation;
  • Residential, commercial and "built to suit" leasing;
  • Constitution of real estate collateral, including fiduciary alienation;
  • Allotments, dismemberments and subdivisions;
  • Real estate development of enterprises;
  • Establishment and specification of condominium;
  • Specific contracts related to the structuring of shopping centers;
  • Construction and construction management contracts, including EPC;
  • Regularization of rural and urban properties;
  • Due diligence for the acquisition of real estate assets;
  • Real estate funds and structured operations with real estate collateral;
  • Rectification of registration before Real Estate Registry Offices;
  • Legal advice on environmental and urban planning issues;
  • Analysis of the environmental responsibility of the activities developed and their implications;
  • Identification of environmental contingencies for due diligence purposes;
  • Demarcation, expropriation, area rectification, contract termination, usucaption.


Luciana Reis do Rosário Pires


Rodrigo Arantes Barcellos


Marcio M. Bonilha Filho