Areas of Expertise
Areas of Expertise

Corporate, Private Equity and Startups

Here at BTLAW:

The firm serves resident and non-resident clients in matters related to Corporate Law.

In the structuring and incorporation of companies and corporations, the advisory covers the legal aspects of the business modeling up to the constitution and implementation of governance and compliance, in addition to the routine legal issues of each operation, including publicly traded companies.

In M&A operations. corporate organizers and investments, advice is provided to buyers, sellers, investors and partnerships or vehicles receiving the investments, including startups.

In case of corporate disputes, advice is provided jointly with the litigation team.


The firm provides consulting in matters such as:

  • Incorporation and structuring of companies;
  • Quotaholder and shareholder agreements;
  • Corporate restructuring;
  • Corporate routines, including those of publicly traded companies;
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint venturesstrategic alliances;
  • Foreign investments;
  • Operations of foreign companies in the country;
  • Operating authorizations of regulated companies;
  • Structuring of public offerings of securities;
  • Governance and Compliance;
  • Preparation of companies for sale and/or receipt of investors;
  • Business succession and professionalization of management.


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