Areas of Expertise
Areas of Expertise

Judicial Recovery and Bankruptcy

Here at BTLAW:

The firm stands out for its wide experience in the segment of credit recovery, judicial reorganization and bankruptcy (by the creditor), with the knowledge of those who have already acted and act in the largest judicial recoveries in the country, especially in defense of the interests of financial creditors.

Among the services provided, some are:

  • Analysis of credit and its guarantees;
  • Recovery or execution of claims;
  • Enforcement of guarantees (including consolidation of fiduciary property);
  • Proof of credit;
  • Opposition to the judicial reorganization plan;
  • Impugnation of credit;
  • Debt restructuring negotiation;
  • Request for refund;
  • Renegotiation of extra-curricular credits;
  • Representation at the general meeting of creditors and creditors' committee.



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