Areas of Expertise
Areas of Expertise


Here at BTLAW:

With a significant focus in obtaining results, the firm values the individual conduct of each process, with a detailed analysis of of every factual element (tax returns, accounting, reports, etc.), recurrent case law research, analysis of the judges' profiles, proactive monitoring of the processes, as well as the presence of our team in dispatches and trials, in a manner in which our client's interests prevail.

Their expertise results in high success rates in both judicial and administrative courts, with the reversal of tax entries in infraction notices, homologation of compensations, recognition of the illegality/unconstitutionality of taxes and the implementation of immunities and exemptions.

The Litigation team also orients its clients to deal with bureaucratic procedures from public agencies, implementing pending monitoring routines and easing the process of renovation of fiscal regularity certificates

 Among the services provided, the following stand out:

  • Performance in the three spheres of administrative and judicial litigation - municipal, state and federal;
  • Processing of amnesties and installments;
  • Negotiation of deals with the Municipal, State and Federal Prosecutor's Offices;
  • Obtaining certificates of fiscal regularity, with preventive monitoring of pending issues and acting in public agencies to implement the solutions;  
  • Equipping administrative and judicial processes for certification of immune entities;


Evadren Antonio Flaibam

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Eduardo Froehlich Zangerolami

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Tax Planning and Consulting

In addition to fiscal matters of business routine, the firm also advises its clients on complex tributary and social security matters. Close and personalized service, swiftness, ethics and technical quality are the pillars of our performance.

 Among others, the following services are highlighted:

  • Planning aimed at legally optimizing the company's tax burden;
  • Responses to consults and issuance of legal opinions on the most varied Brazillian taxes and contributions, including social security;
  • Identification and calculations of taxes and/or contributions to be recovered;
  • Advice on the use of tax incentives/benefits, requests for special regimes and adhesion to programs of installment payment/regularization of taxes and/or contributions;
  • Recommendations for measures to prevent, mitigate or eliminate risks;
  • Review of internal controls in the tax area;
  • Advice on mergers, spin-offs and incorporation of companies;
  • Due diligences for company acquisitions orr sales;
  • Advice on Brazilian tax issues involving foreign companies;
  • Assistance in the attendance to audits/fiscalizations;
  • Reviews of tax and contribution calculations;
  • Model revisions and tax burden projections;
  • Organization and participation in tax committees for companies; 
  • Training in-company or on-the-job.

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