Founded by Gilberto Tamm Barcellos Corrêa and later joined by Manoel Araujo Tucunduva. Barcellos Tucunduva Advogados has been dedicated, to Litigation and Advisory Business Law since 1954.

Gilberto Tamm Barcellos Corrêa

Founding Partner

Gilberto Tamm Barcellos Corrêa
Manoel Araújo Tucunduva

Founding Partner

Manoel Araújo Tucunduva

Barcello Tucunduva Advogados is a Brazilian law firm that is qualified to advise clients both in Brazil and abroad. With headquarters in São Paulo and offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia – as well as correspondents throughout Brazil – the firm is also associated with IR Global, an international network of law firms that is present in over 100 cities around the world.

The firm is recognized in business litigation for its constant victories and high success rates in well known cases, as well as in legal advice on highly complex issues.

Predominantly focused on advising companies, Barcellos Tucunduva Advogados acts strongly in Banking, Financial and Capital Markets, Investment Funds, Contracts, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Means of Payment, Technology, Intellectual Property, Privacy and Data Protection, Corporate, Startups, Labor and Tax.

Check out our timeline:

Gilberto Tamm Barcellos Corrêa, together with Márcio Elísio de Freitas, Alcides Jorge Costa and Jorge Americano, installed in São Paulo, at Rua Conselheiro Crispiniano, the firm that would lead to Barcellos Tucunduva Advogados.
The late Victor Nunes Leal, former justice of the Federal Supreme Court, compulsorily retired after the military coup of 1964, joins the law firm Barcellos Tucunduva Advogados and, on his initiative, the firm registers its acts of incorporation in the OAB - São Paulo Section.
The late Prof. Dr. Antônio Roberto Sampaio Dória, an internationally renowned tax lawyer - joins the law firm Barcellos Tucunduva Advogados.
After being a trainee at the firm and working as a lawyer and legal director at renowned companies and banks, Manoel Araújo Tucunduva becomes a partner at Barcellos Tucunduva Advogados.
Rachel Tucunduva, Evadren Antônio Flaibam and Nelson Raimundo de Figueiredo - lawyers hired in the previous decade - become partners of Barcellos Tucunduva Advogados.
After retiring from the Courts of the State of São Paulo, Nereu Cesar de Moraes joins the law firm Barcellos Tucunduva Advogados, acting in the civil, administrative and criminal areas.
After years of working in multinational companies, Maurice van den Berch van Heemstede joins Barcellos Tucunduva Advogados to develop the foreign trade area.
Rodrigo Arantes Barcellos Corrêa becomes a partner at Barcellos Tucunduva Advogados. The process, initiated years before, of developing different teams specialized in various areas of law is consolidated, enabling the firm to meet the needs of its clients in an increasingly comprehensive manner.
Barcellos Tucunduva Advogados celebrates 50 years of excellence in the provision of legal services by moving to a larger space at Alameda Itu, Jardins, (São Paulo), capable of supporting the firm's growth.

José Luis Leite Doles adds to the firm his solid experience in Capital Markets, Banking and Financial Law, having integrated BankBoston's legal department for seventeen years, fourteen of which as legal director.

In December of the same year, Giancarllo Melito, a lawyer with a doctorate in Civil Law from the Law Faculties of USP and the University of Angers, France, is appointed partner.


Eduardo Zangerolami, a tax lawyer who started his career in the firm as an intern, becomes a partner.


As part of its expansion and to meet the demand of clients in Rio de Janeiro, the office opens its branch in the Rio de Janeiro capital.


Ricardo dos Santos de Almeida Vieira and Otavio Augusto de Lara Borsato become partners in Corporate Law, Financial and Capital Markets, Investment Funds.
As a result of their growth and in order to work in a more integrated space, the firm moves its headquarters to Avenida Juscelino Kubitschek 1726, in São Paulo.


Due to its outstanding performance in the area of Investment Funds, Barcellos Tucunduva joined IR Global, an international network of professionals and legal, accounting and financial consultancy firms operating in over 150 jurisdictions.


As part of its expansion and in order to meet customer demand in Brasília, the office opens its branch in the federal district.


Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a concern of BTLAW, which contributes directly, through the donation of goods and resources, and through the engagement of its members and associates in social projects such as those developed by ADAE – Associação Danyann: Apreender e Evoluir e pelo Lar das Crianças Casa do Caminho.

Internally, the firm makes its contribution to society through ethical practices, professional development of its lawyers and employees, recycling and optimization of materials, always acting for the collective benefit.

Meet the institutions supported by the office:

ADAE | Danyann Association
Learn and Evolve

Objective: Social assistance, by promoting the integration of young people into the labour market in situations of vulnerability and social risk
Name of person in charge: Maria Helena Amaral Dalla Bona
Cellular: (11) 98626-8677

Children's Home
The Way House

Goal: Assist children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities, promoting their social inclusion and ensuring the right to family and community life.

Name of person in charge: Jennifer Melito
Phone and e-mail: (11) 982586019 /

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