Areas of Expertise
Areas of Expertise


Here at BTLAW:

The firm's experience and innovation in judicial and administrative litigation has repercussions in arbitration proceedings. The drafting of the clauses and the careful choice of the arbitration chamber are important points for the effectiveness of arbitration. The choice of arbitrators and the argumentation in light of the judges' legal profiles are, in turn, fundamental elements for a favorable judgment. For this reason, BTLAW has extensive expertise in the judicious conduct of arbitration.

Services in this area include:

  • Conduct of the Arbitration Procedure;
  • Judicial Measures for the Effectiveness of Arbitration;
  • Annulment of the Arbitral Proceeding in situations of procedural flaws;
  • Help in deciding whether to use Arbitration as a means of conflict resolution;
  • Drafting of the arbitration clause.


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