BCB Normative Instruction 8 of 8/20/20 - Adherence to PIX in the Special Settlement Agent Mode

Under the terms of BCB Normative Instruction 8 of 8/20/20, to join PIX in the special settling agent mode, institutions must, from the time of its launch, successfully complete the registration and ratification stages.

The cadastral stage comprises sending until August 28, 2020 of a specific form containing the following registration information I - CNPJ;II - corporate name; III - Sisbacen code; IV - identification of the officer responsible for meeting the demands of the Central Bank of Brazil related to issues concerning the participation of the institution in PIX, including his/her full name and CPF; V - telephone of the institution for matters related to participation in PIX; VI - electronic address of the institution for matters related to participation in PIX; VII - the institution's telephone numbers for technical matters related to the Transactional Account Identifier Directory (DICT); VIII - the institution's e-mail addresses for technical matters related to DICT; and IX - means of connection to the National Financial System Network (RSFN) - direct or through an information technology service provider (PSTI) - and, if through a PSTI, indicate its name and CNPJ.

Institutions in the process of joining PIX in the transactional account provider modality may request a change in the participation modality to special settlement agent, provided that the conditions for the modality set forth in the PIX Regulation are met.

The request for change in the modality of participation in PIX must be sent to the Central Bank through the Digital Protocol by August 28, 2020, observing the guidelines in Annex III of Circular Letter No. 4,056 of May 25, 2020.

The approval stage, in turn, comprises the realization, by the institutions of: I - formal homologation tests in SPI; and II - formal homologation tests in DICT.

The formal tests for approval to the DICT shall begin immediately after the completion of the registration stage, and shall be completed by 16 October 2020, and the institutions that are in the process of joining the PIX shall not need to repeat the tests that may have already been performed.

The institutions that do not obtain the approval of the Central Bank regarding the compliance with the requirements of the registration and ratification stages will not be able to join the PIX at its launch.

For further information, the team of Payment of Barcellos Tucunduva is at your disposal.