Tradition has brought us this far. Innovation takes us even further.

Since 1954 we have been serving our clients with excellence, inspired by the tradition of the firm founded by Gilberto Tamm Barcellos Corrêa and later integrated by Manoel Araújo Tucunduva.

Without breaking the solid foundations of our history and our founding partners, we felt it was time to innovate and began the project of renewing our brand.

Then, in 2019, we started our strategic planning and, even with all the challenges of a turbulent year, we developed our rebranding in 2020.

By projecting our history into the next generations, we identify the common elements: tradition, humanization and modernity, which reflect what we are and what we want to bring to our clients. We are firm by our roots, but, driven by modernity, prepared to go beyond.

We thank our team and our customers and partners for all the effort expended during the challenging year 2020 and for the support in developing our new brand.

We hope that the year 2021 will be one of great health, peace and prosperity.

Tradition for always innovating.