Sanctioned the law that creates the digital social savings

Law No. 14.075/20 was sanctioned, which comes into force on today's date, 23/10/2020.

The text of the law comes from MP 982/20, which created the digital social savings, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to receive deposits of the emergency aid.

The law then expanded the use of the digital social savings account to also enable: receipt of social credits and benefits, benefits in case of proportional reduction of working hours and salary or temporary suspension, salary bonus and withdrawals of FGTS in some situations, as provided in item IV of Article 3 of that law.

The amounts from the FGTS will be available in the account for a certain period, depending on the situation, and if they are not withdrawn, they will return to the worker's linked account.

There is an entrance balance limit of up to R$ 5,000.00, with the possibility for the beneficiary to complement the registration data and request the expansion of services and limits.

The opening of the digital social savings account may be automatic, provided that consultation tools are made available to the holder, and it may be closed at any time, free of charge, or converted into a demand or savings account in the holder's name. However, for the payment of social security benefits, the beneficiary must expressly authorize the opening of an account or the use of an account already opened in his/her name.

Financial institutions are forbidden to use the benefits deposited to settle debts or reduce negative balances, and there is also the possibility of issuing a physical card to operate the social savings, at the discretion of the financial institution.

Finally, it is allowed to pay bills and accounts of partner institutions, as well as at least three electronic transfers per month, free of charge, for accounts held in institutions authorized to operate by the Central Bank of Brazil, being forbidden to issue checks or charge fees.