RegulaBT | BCB Regulations of the week – September 5 to 9, 2022

BCB Normative Instruction 302, 9/9/2022

Releases version 6.3 of the document Minimum User Experience Requirements (Requisitos Mínimos para a Experiência do Usuário), part of the Pix Regulation.

BCB Resolution 242, 6/9/2022

Revokes BCB Resolution 63, of January 21, 2021, which establishes procedures for financial institutions to consult Central Bank of Brazil data referring to the total aggregate value of receivables from centrally settled payment arrangements.

BCB Resolution No. 241, 9/6/2022

Provides procedures for calculating the “PRE” interest rate, applicable to calculation of Rural Credit Interest Rates (Taxas de Juros do Crédito Rural/TCRpré), Constitutional Financing Funds’ Rural Interest Rates (Taxas de Juros Rurais dos Fundos Constitucionais de Financiamento/TRFCpré) and Constitutional Financing Funds’ Non-Rural Interest Rates (Taxas de Juros Não Rurais dos Fundos Constitucionais de Financiamento/TFCpré).