New Changes at PIX

The Central Bank published BCB Resolution No. 79 of 3/18/2021, amending the Regulations attached to BCB Resolution No. 1/2020, which governs the operation of the Pix. payments arrangement .

Among the changes is the prohibition on Pix participants from setting limits on the number of transactions under the arrangement that may be sent or received by end users.

Functionalities were also included, such as: (i) consultation of the transactional account information of the receiving user linked to a given Pix key and the provision of information from that account to the paying user; (ii) notification of infraction due to suspected fraud; and (iii) verification of registered Pix keys to check whether a given Pix key is registered in the DICT.

In relation to the DICT, there were changes in relation to the storage of information linked to the PIX key, inclusion of devices related to the verification of registered keys and to the homologation process and services, as well as in relation to the communication to the registered key holders.

The Resolution shall enter into force on 01/04/2021.

For further information, the Payment team is at your disposal.