Meet five legal shields of successful startups

Drawing on more than a decade of innovation performance, BTLAW reveals initiatives that have helped entrepreneurs


São Paulo, May 22 - BTLAW, a law firm with 65 years of experience in Brazil and abroad, has just gathered five legal precautions that can make all the difference for startups that want to get their ideas off the ground. The firm's team of experts, led by professor Giancarllo Melito, has more than ten years of experience in the segment and success cases such as ZOOP Pagamentos, the startup responsible for all the financial transactions of iFood, and Acqio Pagamentos, one of the largest subadquirers in the country. Check out, below, the initiatives that need to be on the radar of entrepreneurs.


Shield 1: Modeling the business

It is essential to know and test the different business models that your startup can offer to the market. There are several paths, such as operating through franchises, e-commerce or subscription systems. Each of them will determine a different tax consequence for the business.


Shielding 2: Corporate organization

Reflect on what would be the best structure for the partners involved. This step is relevant because the type of corporate organisation defined can impact on the possible ways of receiving investment in the future.


Shield 3: Regulatory issue

It is fundamental to have compliance in accordance with the market the startup wishes to operate in. It is necessary to envision the expansion of the business and identify which agencies or entities regulate the chosen segment, such as the Central Bank of Brazil, regional councils and Anatel.


Shield 4: Efficient contracts

Develop, in partnership with professionals in the field, efficient contract models in accordance with the services that will be offered to the market. It is noteworthy, here, the terms of use of the websites of startups that are not always well prepared and can be used in a lawsuit against the startup.


Shield 5: Tax planning

Define a tax structure that is aligned to the business of the startup, because they have special characteristics, sometimes, do not dimension the relevance of a legal advice that protects the activities and ensure security to future investors.



BTLAW was founded 65 years ago and specializes in business law. Its partners have included prominent legal figures such as Vitor Nunes Leal, former president of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the inspiration behind the Súmula Vinculante. Currently, it is part of Primerus and IR Global, international networks of law firms and consultants. The firm is also featured in the Análise 500, Chambers, Leaders League and Whos Who Legal.