Coronavirus: ANEEL approves measures for safety in energy distribution

On March 24, the board of directors of ANEEL - National Electrical Energy Agency approved a set of measures aimed at the continuity of the electrical energy distribution service and the care of consumers and employees of the concessionaires, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We highlight the temporary suspension of the supply cut off due to the default of the invoice of urban and rural residential users, including low income, in addition to services and activities considered essential, such as medical and hospital assistance, some outpatient services, medical-legal institutes, centers of production, storage and distribution of vaccines and antidote serums, basic sanitation units, garbage collection, energy services, among others.

We clarify that the temporary suspension of the supply cut does not prevent the adoption of other applicable collection measures, such as notification, collection actions, negativation of defaulters in credit registries.

These are measures with a temporary validity period of 90 days, which authorize the adoption of postures that seek to preserve social isolation measures and continuity of the energy distribution service, without prejudice to those involved.

In the event of a supply crisis, the concessionaire must prioritize the service of essential activities, as defined by law, and must also create a specific contingency plan for the service of medical and hospital units and locations used for treatment of the population.

Below is a table prepared by ANEEL with the main measures:

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